On and Off reservation requests must be arranged two weeks prior to date requested. Fees apply. Call The People's Center Education Coordinator for pricing at 406-675-0160.

Activities offered

Games, Stories, tribal history, Singing, Dancing, Informational Presentations, and Crafts.

Indoor Activities

Stickgame, Making Stickgame Sets, Ring & Stick, Necklace Making, Paper Tipis, Pouches, Mini Hoop & Dart Sets, mini parfleche, Stories, Canoe Paddles, and tribal history.

Outdoor Activities

Shinny, Hoop & Dart, Double Ball, Relay Races, Tug-o-War, Run and Scream, and Relay Races, mini parfleche making.



The minimum fee for all performers will be $100.00 per performer (on reservation) Off reservation requires mileage reimbursement in addition to the fee. For elderly performers (55+) the minimum fee is $150.00 per elder. 

Types of Performances Offered

Drumming and Singing (Solo or Group), Dancing (Original style or Contemporary), Story Telling, Flute Playing.